5 Easy Tricks To Maximize Your Wardrobe


Well helloooo darling! Look who came out to play in color in these NYC streets. *insert side eyes* My love for a little print and color stills lives inside of me believe it or not. Hehe

Get into this weeks serving!

You know I’m a character! Got my pose on 15 sec left to cross the street! #hadtogettheshot 😉

One of my goals for the year was to mildly revamp my closet but at the same time, save more, spend less. I’ve made my smart purchases but these days I find myself getting even more friendly with my own girls (clothing, lol). In result, I end up looking like a coordinate set bought together right? ShoppedMyCloset.com

I found this multi color gingham printed top at a bargain in consignment but it’s birth home is Topshop. I met this beautiful fuchsia bell skirt at a local boutique in Miami last year. Both purchased on two separate occasions. Topped it off with the cat eye framewerk again, giving a complete 1960’s tease.

Photos by Kahdijah Nichole for stylishlYours

She Wore: Top: Topshop | Skirt: Local Miami boutique ( here’s a great one in deep plum for fall! | Jewelry: NYC street vendor | Footwerk: Zara (seasons ago) | Inspiring Reads: Vogue Italia & Accessories

I don’t know if it’s the keen eye I’ve been blessed with or if the Fashion Gods just always look out for ya girl. Somehow, I manage to always shop for items at different times and at some later date compile a bomb fit as if I bought pieces together. I promise you, shopping your closet can be easy if you apply any of the folllowing..

5 Easy Tricks To Maximize Your Wardrobe:

1.)  Don’t make it complicating. Two categories, ex: solid + print. Identify your staple or best pieces in each category.

2.) Give yourself a great color pallet!  Neutral, Dark, Warm. All tones matter BUT black unapologetically does. 🙂  *gets back on topic*

3.) Be open to something new! Surprise yourself with a daring combo. I always say, try it on! It’s called adult dress up, duh. Get into, girl.

4. )Play with different silhouettes. Crop + bell skirt, Graphic tee + bell skirt, Collared shirt with bell skirt. Catching it? 3 differently constructed garments and you haven’t even changed bottom yet.

5.) Invest in your investments. Like you do with your car servicing or your hair or nail care habits. Take care of your babies (garments)! Especially if you dropped coin for it. From personal to professional garment care. Put some respect on your threads. Including your stiletto shoe taps, ladies. It’ll take your closet life far.

I hope this was helpful for anyone who may need it!

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