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I’d like to first welcome you to stylishlYours! You could have been anywhere, but you’re here and that’s all that matters. 😉


About Me

I’m the girl who was tricycle trained wearing a dress (pics to prove). I’m also the girl who failed Physical Education because I refused to dress out. (references upon request). What do these sad things say about me?  Sings, “I’m, to sassy for myself, for myself.”  No judgement please, because there’s no shame. Giggles.

Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, my deep admiration and appreciation for all things stylish was fostered within me thanks to my shining example, Ma Dukes. I began to explore my visual voice and other talents in 1997 mastering runway, print and mannequin modeling. I later moved to Atlanta, GA for college to pursue my fashion dreams. Rounding my industry arsenal studying Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration. Working in a variety of capacities, including creative director, stylist, visual display artist, personal shopper and in closet restoration.

My style has been featured over at Fashion Bomb Daily, Consider Me Lovely, and recognized by NYLON Magazine. I strive to show great style has everything to do with personal acceptance and celebration. Fall in love with yourself!

About The Blog

stylishlYours.com is a life|style blog where I depict my passion of what I live and love. Displaying what has always been a life long  love of mine — dressing up in my best and prancing around like I have somewhere to go — treating everyday like it’s a fashion show because..

Life is too short to blend in.

Encouraging my lady loves to be the best at whatever they do best and look fierce while doing it. In addition, featuring industry trail blazers, campaigns, look books, and all things creative.

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