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I stay inspired through every thing around me daily. I’m that girl who wants to know whats behind the picture. Never satisfied with a presented story or vision until I know the mastermind(s) behind it all. Who pulled this off successfully? What were their inspirations? I have a strong penchant for the *in my deepest voice* unknown.

Here is were I will reveal  more about the hidden people attached to the stylish things we adore.

Happy to introduce today’s first feature for the “Behind The Style” segment, casting director/blogger Natalie Joos.


I was immediately intrigued and inspired when I came across the killer shots of Ciara, cover model for Paper Magazine Fall 2013 issue. Talk about slayage. I had to find out who was behind the style! That’s where Natalie fiercely stepped in.


I’m sure you’ve seen these shots already (since I’m a day late posting), but allow me, to allow you to get into them one mo’ gain. Em’kay?


Werk Ci!


I don’t know about you, but this is the best I’ve seen Ciara look styling wise in a few spreads now. It could be that I’m so #teamgirly to the core that I was just so moved. But wait, I’d debate you there d-mn it. Ciara wears the tom-girl look so well, it was refreshing to see a softer approach for me.


Can I first say, as I discovered more and more looks of Natalie, she really began to speak to my soul.  Tell me you know why! If you guessed her wear of heavy print and color, you better know me! Eureka.

I can appreciate an “eye” that loves to make an eye move and tell a deeper story.


Do you see this?! Natalie better #serve! Swoon!

Not only does Joos have a keen eye for color, print, and pattern, she’s best known for her eye for booking beautiful models for the catwalk of your favorite designer. Clients such as ADAM, Lacoste, and Mark Fast to name a few. Too add, ad campaigns, lookbooks, and magazine editorials such as the one on topic, Paper Magazine.


I am SO here for all of the print mixing she gives.

Funny thing is, I have a long blog list roll that I’m tackling and when I come across one that’s dope I just favorite it right away to come back to.  As I dug further into her stylish life, I realized I already had her blog on the list way before this post was thought of. Ha! I would love to get a one on one with her one of these days. I feel like we’d vibe just through her pictures alone. Lol.

You guys must keep up with her on her blog  Tales of Endearment

Stay inspired.

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