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Happy April, friends! About time right?! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some warmer temps! Especially here in the city.  One day spring teasing to the next, snow tripping. I mean, GIRL. NYC stays on it’s menstrual cycle weather wise, okay? When’s it’s hard to call it on wardrobe, lately all black has been my go to to avoid the headache! Get into this week’s serving.. All black has become the go-to uniform these days, if you haven’t noticed. Call it New Yorking, call it my work

Okay so look, those who know me KNOW how much my love for a high heel is. I’ve literally been in heels most of my life. It’s where I’ve felt most comfortable. I did not grow up wanting to buy the lastest released sneaker, or a kitten heels for that matter. Yuck. I know what you’re thinking, not healthy, this I know!! Well my friends, leave it to residing in a new city to push me into embracing the flats life. Now I’m like, what took me so long?! LOL

Don’t you hate this time of the year’s weather? You know, chilly mornings, warmer afternoons, and cool nights? Yea me neither. I’m forever in love with it! Not even September yet but the recent days have been giving me light knit, legs out with some booties type of vibes, so of course I went with it.. Come through, details! Get The Look: Chunky Knit Top | H&M (here) Crackled Metallic Skirt | H&M Trend (here) Leopard Calfskin Booties | “Mason” by June Ambrose (here) Frames | H&M, again. Lol Head

Hello my love! Happy Beyonce New Year! Happy February! Happy Birthday! Just happy okay?! Haha. I’m actually fresh off of celebrating my *whispers* 28th! Whoa, I have a moment saying it out loud like that hunni! She’s knocking at the next decade but don’t rush her! Lol If you follow me on Instagram – where I’ve clearly been more active recently- you’ve seen where I refereed to this milestone the best, “the older I get, the better I get..” I mean, isn’t that the goal? To get even better at being who

I’m back from the dead! Hey my loves, it’s been such a long hiatus. It’s only right I serve you before your meals on Thanksgiving, right?! Tuh. Photo Credit: Alisha Miles Style Credit: Conductor hat: a la DSW  (similar) | Frames: a la Nordstrom (similar) | Top & Jumper: H&M (here) | Footwerk: Aldo (similar) Let me tell you about this train I’ve been on. Feels like I’ve been running out of my mind. I’ve always been a woman on the move constantly looking for the next one to make.

I can’t believe it’s almost November y’all! I can smell the turkey and yams now. Here in Atlanta, the weather is so unpredictable sometimes. The beginning of fall here is typically chilly mornings and nights with mild temperature days.  This allows me to kick it up a notch with the pieces I pair together for sure. Get into this well balanced serving. Photo Credit: Corrina Chiccoli Style Credit: Hat: H&M (here) | Frames: FE NY via Nordstorm (here) | Top: H&M (similar) | Shorts: Forever 21 (similar) | Footwerk: June Ambrose