Cup of Tea: No Justice No Music, and Walking in Stilettos


Cup of Tea is a segment where I’ll dish on the things or people that stood out for me over the weekend.

The good, the bad, and the stylish.

Oh happy day, it’s Monday! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Get your cups ready, I’ve got some hot tea!


Over the weekend, there were 100 rallies that took place nationwide in memory of Trayvon Martin. The goal was to show in numbers how passionate many are for our laws to change for the better to prevent cases like this from happening again. I hate I wasn’t able to get to the one in Atlanta, however I was thrilled to see the Carter’s make a appearance at the rally in NYC. These two, got a love them!


Speaking of Mr. Carter, he’ll be  joining Stevie Wonder’s notion to remove any further scheduled concert performances from the Florida state in effort to boycott until laws are changed. Other artist include Justin Timberlake, Ciara, Mary Mary, Usher, Kelly Rowland, Madonna, Frankie Beverly/Maze, Erykah Badu, R.Kelly, the list continues. No justice, no music! Powerful.


Listen, is has been said that 95% of women don’t really know how to walk in stiletto heels! I’m shocked at that high stat but not really at the same time. They say most wear them because they know men find them sexy.I would definitely consider myself as apart of that 5% who do know how to properly walk in heels.

I was reading a very interesting article over at New York Post and I began to feel a certain type of way! I can go back in my Twitter timeline history where I remember tweeting about this exact idea! It was last year sometime it came to me as I watched ladies walk with wobbly ankles and bent knees, oh the horror!  As I sat on the idea to do a course, there are NOW classes being offered in NYC on how to walk in stilettos for just $50 a session. You already know what I’m about to do. Stay tuned…


On Friday, I shared my lady love Bazaar Bohemian with you guys in the first Free Style feature. She was set up at Thread Count Atl on Saturday and I stopped by to support. Presentation was sick! I was so proud of her! All of my chicas are making power moves and I love it! You have to surround yourself with like minded energy that keeps you grounded and motivated! I’ll be wearing some of her pieces in future post.


It’s the time of year to celebrate everything that exist around us! Great friends, great events, food and wine. 😉 Here with my butter bean Andrea with our Bazaar Bohemian purchases. Can’t wait to shoot what I got!

Tell me, would you attend a class on how to walk in stilettos? I want to know! Leave your comments below.

I’m all out of tea, I’ll be back with more! xoxo



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