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Happy Friday honey! Listen, whhhy is July almost over?! Something isn’t right! Moving right along, I’m so happy to introduce this new segment to you all.  Artistic expression is invaluable to me.  Free Style is where I will feature an ambitious soul who is in the driver’s seat navigating  their way through life with a daring spirit, wit and fashion aplomb.

Today’s free stylist is kind of everything to me. Meet Vanessa, The Bazaar Bohemian. She has been pure inspiration for me since I’ve met her! Great friend of mine with an even greater spirit and soul! My #stylecrush and #printedlovebug. Her energy is super infectious and you’d be pretty {lame} if you don’t agree after reading up. As if her pictures don’t scream enough!!!


sY: Who is the Bazaar Bohemian girl?

BB: She’s {Free} Bird and her Spirit is {Constantly} Wandering!! She’s a {Seeker} of {Life} Love and {Inspiration}!! She likes to {Create} and {Mix} pieces that she finds from her {Travels}. Her Love of {Art} and {Culture} create an {Expression} through her collected {Pieces}!!!

 sY: Who is inspiring you right now?

BB: At this very moment I am extremely inspired by Clover Canyon and Stella Jean!!! Both brands have {Amazing} use of {Prints} and {Inspiring} color palettes!! I would also say {Balmain) for their use of intricate {Embroidery} and {Textures}….. But my favorite of all is this {Beautiful} Weeping Willow I found in this random parking lot! I truly feel like she is {Everything}!!! Such a {Pure} Spirit….. She has bits and pieces of my {Heart}.

sY: What motivates you daily?

BB: The {Fact} that I actually have another day!! When you put that in {Perspective} you {Realize} that’s more motivation then you’ll ever need!!! Sometimes thats more than someone else was able to get. I’m {Motivated} by the {Idea} that someone somewhere could use a bit of {Inspiration}. I truly believe that’s a {Form} of giving back and a way to {Feed} the {Soul}.


sY: What’s your advice on mixing prints successfully?

BB: {Honestly} The only key to it I would say is the {Scale}! Try and match {Prints} with a similar size! I {Also} like {Mixing} the colors!!! I’ll use {Coordinating} colors instead of colors that {Match} to give it more of an {Eclectic} feel! Another trick is to take one of your {Printed} pieces and hold it up to your closet and see what {Stands} out or catches your {Eye}!!!!

sY: Describe your style using three words.

BB: {Eclectic} {Printed} {Free}

sY: You can’t live without what?

BB: My {Jewels} from all over the {World}!!! They’ve become such a part of my {Everyday}!!! If I have anything less then 5 {Rings} on…a {Neck} and a {Cuff} of some sort…I won’t feel {Complete}!!! It’s also a way to feel {Connected} to other places while I’m currently in {One}.


sY: What has been your greatest jewelry adventure?

BB: When I found a {Vintage} Kuchi bracelet from a {Flea} Market in LA!!! Kuchi style jewelry is from the {Nomad} Tribe out of {Afghanistan}!!! To know how {far} this piece traveled and the {History} behind it always leaves me in awe.

sY: Pick one. Winter, Fall, Spring, or Summer? 

BB: {Summer} All Day Baby!!!! I {Live} by the {Sun}…literally…I was {Created} in the {Mojave} Desert in California. I’m Less of a {Flower} and more of a {Cactus}!! I feel the most {Connected} when I feel her {Warmth} and am in direct contact with her {Magic}!

sY: What do you think the essentials to a great and balanced closet is?

BB: I think having a {Variety} of pieces in your closet!! Being able to go from {Day} to {Night} is just the beginning!! You also need to have {Pieces} for various {Events} or {Functions} you might attend. I think it’s good to add {Pieces} you wouldn’t normally buy!! I think this helps you {Push} the boundaries of your {Style}!! Everyone {Loves} a little of the unexpected!!!!


sY: Where will your next traveling quest be to? 

BB: My next big {Voyage} will be to {Guatemala}!!! I’m soooo {Ready} to soak up all the {Culture} and immerse myself in the many {Textures} of the {Country}!!!

sY: What do you see women do style wise that bothers you? 

BB: {Honestly} nothing really…. A {Part} of me being a {Free} Spirit is just that!!! At the {End} of the day if it makes {You} happy that’s all that {Really} matters!!!!

sY: What can the style hungry look forward to from The Bazaar Bohemian? 

BB: {Short} Term I’m going to continue to offer Vintage Clothing, Printed •{Pattern}• People Outerwear, and {Global} Jewels!! For the {Long} Term I plan to turn Bazaar •{Bohemian}• into a {LifeStyle} brand.

 sY: Can I be you when I grow up?

BB: Of {Course} Love!!! There’s only {One} problem………I {Don’t} plan on {Ever} really growing up!!!!  ; )

Don’t you just want to go play with color and prints somewhere in the sun with her?? Like get in my closet already! I agree Vanessa, what ever makes YOU happy in style, thats ALL that really matters!!! And of course we share Stella Jean as {inspiration}!! I meant to also ask you, can you make room in your suitcase for me on your {fantastic} upcoming trip? How groupie of me! Her Tumblr is {fire}! Follow, follow, follow!

For my ladies loves in the Atlanta area or if you’ll be in town, you can meet Vanessa and check out  the {stylish} pieces by The Bazaar Bohemian at Thread Count! Oh you know I’m about to have her as my go-to printed pattern, jewelry person! In her “eye”, I trust.

P.S She was my first avid cheer leader to get on this blonde hair lifestyle! One of my best decisions yet in life. Ha!

Event Details: Thread Count is a unique vendor’s market hosted by BOSCO, Arbitrary Living, Ashley Rhoden Designs, Myeshea of The DGSC, and Will Edmond. This event is designed to raise awareness on sustainability, craftsmanship, design, and agriculture to our local community encouraging them to get involved and be more aware and active. Come out and enjoy delicious food, art, clothes, jewelry, beer garden, wine and cheese tastings and tours of the East Lake Farm and Community Garden


Meet me there! Have a happy weekend!



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