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Happy April, friends! About time right?! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some warmer temps! Especially here in the city.  One day spring teasing to the next, snow tripping. I mean, GIRL. NYC stays on it’s menstrual cycle weather wise, okay?

When’s it’s hard to call it on wardrobe, lately all black has been my go to to avoid the headache! Get into this week’s serving..

All black has become the go-to uniform these days, if you haven’t noticed. Call it New Yorking, call it my work dress code, call it easy going, just don’t call it anything short of ah-mazing.

Not only does all black make you appear slimmer (if you seek to be) but it’s just a crisp look that works for any occasion.

Staying true to my all black vibes, I couldn’t resist adding another staple to my closet. When I stumbled upon these Rachel Zoe suede + leather flare pants!

She Wore: Hat – H&M | Turtle-neck Top – H&M | Faux Leather Strap Top – Zara (similar) | Pant – Rachel Zoe (on sale here & inspired here!) | Footwerk – H&M

So can we talk about this gag worthy suede/leather pant I’m serving? I mean………(moment of silence) for the slay. It was literally love at first sight. There I was, on a mission to be a better person, then I run into Rachel. Rachel Zoe in pure trouser form like I’ve never seen her before! I was gagging at the cut and fabrication but it was when I checked the tag out, I quickly stepped back in my lane.

I couldn’t afford the original price at, $1200 but I could patiently wait for them to go on sale in my size. Well guess what girl, I met that day! Hay now! *adds to insanely black inventory* I was at work when we met but there was a 70% sale going on that allowed me to save like I never had in my committed bargain life. Sold for just $100! Steal, I know.

These pants also emphasize a recent progressing change I’ve been fighting, losing weight! Ha. All this walking the city is taking a toll on my southern grown curves girl! Literally decreasing in my waist by the day. What’s a girl to do? Squats.

Mastering an unexpected cool change in the weather can be challenging, but that’s when it’s time to get creative. Layering a spaghetti strapped top over another top creates interest and flare and is also cool and breezy. Playing up with different textures can be fun too! It’s my way of mildly getting ready for spring. Once temps are warmer, I can go without the turtle neck. I live for leather, any season!

How are you doing with the bi-polar weather in your wardrobe? Jesus be a 30 degree increase for NYC.



Whitney Douglas

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