Well look who decided to come out of her closet? You guys, omg I’ve been everywhere and back but here. *cues violin* I hope you don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. From being under the weather, to traveling, and just living life. May has come and gone but if you follow me socially, (mainly Snapchat: stylishlYours) you’ve been along with me in the jungle! She Wore: Frames – Urban Outfitters | Necklace & Long Sleeved Crop Top (similar & another cute one) – Topshop | Culotte Pant – H&M Trend

Spring, is that you girl?! *insert side eyes* It’s my second Spring season in the Big Apple, and I’m getting better with wardrobe must haves this time around that’s for sure. Serving you all kinds of Janelle Monae tease down 5th Avenue. Get into it darlings! My faux leather jacket has been my best friend during these transitional weather conditions in the city. Not too thick, not too thin. I told you already before, black and white is truly becoming the go to color pallet for me. I found myself

Happy April, friends! About time right?! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some warmer temps! Especially here in the city.  One day spring teasing to the next, snow tripping. I mean, GIRL. NYC stays on it’s menstrual cycle weather wise, okay? When’s it’s hard to call it on wardrobe, lately all black has been my go to to avoid the headache! Get into this week’s serving.. All black has become the go-to uniform these days, if you haven’t noticed. Call it New Yorking, call it my work

Photos by Newt for stylishlYours She Wore: Tuexdo Dress – Topshop (love this one!) | Cape Blazer – H&M (similar) | Footwerk – Steve Madden (w/fur DIY attachment) | Jewelry & Handbag – H&M Well hello, my friends! I hope your March is moving along smoothly. While I’ve been under the weather, I’ve had a lot of down time to reflect and ponder on so many things. Among those thoughts were of course, where the hell is spring? And why does she play so much in New York City? Questions.

Photos By Newt for stylishlYours. She Wore: Hat– H&M (similar) | Coat – H&M | Leather Corset – 6 yr owned now consignment find | Sequin Pant | H&M (these are cute too) | Footwerk – H&M Hay now! Happy last week of February! *crowd goes crazy* I’m actually sad to see one of my fav months go but listen. here. She is good and ready for some warmer weather already! Let me tell you how real it’s been out here in these NY streets girl! Brrrr! Fresh off of stylebrating the

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