Lets Werk

If you need to inject your life, business or special event with a dose of style, you’ve come to the right place!

As a style connoisseur, with nearly 10 years of experience injecting style into brands and people bringing my clients vision to life. I love transforming attitudes through wardrobe and I want to help you build your business and wardrobe with a touch of style.

My Stylish Philosophy: Life is too short to blend in. Great style has everything to do with personal acceptance and celebration and nothing to do with a specific price point. Fall in love with yourself!


Your Life. styled

Need help defining your personal style? You love to be in style but you don’t fancy the shopping experience and the long wait in lines that could come with it? No worries, this is where me and my 5 inch pair of stilettos come in to “make it werk” for you.

Your Closet. styled

Is your closet jam packed and yet you constantly find yourself thinking I have NOTHING to wear?! You are not alone. Your fashion choices are endless, but not every option is right for you. Fashion can fit into your life. Anyone can be a head turner! Sometimes you just need a little help. This is where I stylishly step in.

Your Business. styled

You’re great at what you do. You run a thriving business, establishing and building new relationships with clients. But you’re not so great at selling yourself silently with visuals. As a visionary with a keen eye for details, I will help you style your visual communications and take you to the next level.

Your Event. styled

A special event requires extra special attention to detail. Want to plan a great event for your business? Need help organizing a fashion show? Need someone by your side from the beginning to the end? If yes was the answer to either of the three, your search ends here, contact me.

I can’t wait to hear from you!



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