Sty-List: 5 Pieces to Wear In Transition to Fall


I’m over this weather like Lindsay Lohan is over her old ways. Sidebar: Did y’all catch her on Oprah’s Next Chapter? She looked fabulous. Carrying on, I know y’all are tired of hearing me talk about this weather, but girl. It’s getting in the way of me serving you my looks. 🙁 *cues violin*

This Seattle like vibe Atlanta is giving is bringing about great frustration when deciding what to wear. Thanks to the decline in temperature recently, I was inspired for this weeks Sty-List! Let’s get into it.


5.) Leather//Listen, I’m all about wearing it in all seasons honestly. Maybe not in Texas, but still. Pairing with a sandal keeps your bottom half cool enough.  Pairing a piece with a loose top for the upper half is ideal too. The last thing we need is you fainting in style. I’m loving the trending leather draw-stringed, baggy legged pant too. Found a cute pair here, or even these overalls, super cute.


4.) Cable Knit// This staple holds great versatility. I suggest you own at least one or two as they fall into the classics folder ladies. A round scoop neck would be more ideal for summer friendly wear.


The Fashionista Next Door is right on trend for the season! I was inspired when I read her post last week. She rocked the leather and cable knit sweater to sweeeeet perfection. Cutie pah-tootie!


3.) The Trouser// Oh how I live and die for a great pant! Nothing says “watch me werk” better in my head. The advantage here is that you can rock a great trouser all year long. Playing with your top or jacket for the flight of fancy is all there is to it.


2.) Jumper// You can never go wrong with this one. It’s just that “I don’t have to do too much” grown up onesie that saves the day. Florals in the Fall? Why not? Or maybe you’d prefer the laid back approach? Go for a classic denim. You can’t lose.



1.) The Trench// For those chilly mornings and nights, you’ll need a thin jacket to keep warm. A trench style coat will forever be my go to grab and go layer. I shamelessly own at least four. On the hunt for more.


It’s like your favorite topping on ice cream (or rice dream if you’re lactose). The perfect touch.


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for transition. Let me know what you’re adding or enhancing from your inventory sty-list! 😉
Let’s hope the tears  rain doesn’t fall this weekend, I’m ready to shoot again!

All images are from my Pinterest boards! Are you following me? I’m pretty “Pinteresting”.



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  1. Eboni Ifé says:

    OMG!!! Thanks for the love. I so appreciate it!! And I’m also happy to find your blog! YES!!!

  2. Nikki says:

    Loving the leather looks and of course the print. I really want a leather skirt for the Fall Season. Looking for one that is reasonable!


  3. Sade Goins says:

    OP will serve the shit out of you in 0.513ths of a second! lol Love it Whit!

  4. Tre says:

    nice post. do these trends apply to guys as well?

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