Sty-List: 6 Reasons Why Fall 2013 Has Already Won


Listen. I’ve never been more ready for a season change than I am this year. I’m definitely not here for the rainy summer days Atlanta is giving. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to keep it cute and dry. Tuh. I have six reasons why Fall 2013 has already won me over. Get into it.


6.) That’s right Bob. I’m the other in this case. I just get wet. Atlanta, if I wanted Florida like weather, I’d move there. Summer, we have had it with you and your tears. I’m no longer here for it. The disrespectful random thunder storms. The indecisive mornings on what to wear. I’m spent. Girl, this is for you…


Yes, this is how I feel. Lol. Poof, be gone!


5.) Gladiators! Ohhh this Scandal hiatus has been killing me softly. In October, we can rejoice at last! The brilliant and talented creator Shonda Rhimes dropped a few spoilers on Twitter for what’s to come for Season 3 and I was ALL over it. If you haven’t a clue to what the madness is all about here, you have time to catch up. Season premiere is on October 3 on ABC at 10pm!


4.) Yeeeees. You should be gagging over this ladies AND gentlemen. Don’t we all live for a great H&M collaboration? This time we have Isabel Marant on the menu and I’m loving what I smell see! We still have some time before the reveal but I’m looking forward to more sneak peeks (as pictured below) I’m sure to be dropped. As we wait so impatiently. *taps fingers* November 14 couldn’t get here any faster.


3.) Fall always gives us those highly anticipated retail collaborations and marketing campaigns to prep for the holidays right? Another one to save your coins for is Phillp Lim’s upcoming collaboration with our friend Target! I’ll say, Target hasn’t quite got it all the way right since Isaac Mizrahi days, but I’m here for every attempt to get it right. Lol. High hopes on this one! Love what I’ve seen thus far. Set to debut on September 15. Take a look at some of the sneak peeks that popped up on my Instagram timeline.

photo (2)

These bags?? I’m ALL about it. I’ll take the mustard, wine, and black colors please and thank you!

photo (4)


2.) I can’t say that I’m J. Crew’s most frequent shopper but honey they had me at hello when I saw their Fall 2013 collection in February. Sickening, okay?! Someway, somehow, I have got to get a piece of her in my closet life. Prints, patterns, and color HEAVEN. This would make my Fall season wardrobe everything it just needs to be! Shop and get into the full lookbook here. Prepare to gag alert! 


1.) Fashion Superbowl is around the corner and I’m so ready! Although I won’t be in attendance for this seasons activities, I will most certainly be at attention for everything she has to give. Thanks to the growth in social media, i.e. Instagram Video, Vine, and heavy updates via Twitter, I will be one happy girl. The anticipation is naturally high! Beginning Sept 5 -12, see New York Fashion Weeks Spring 2014 full schedule here. Lincoln Center, let’s go!

Now tell me you aren’t over Summer and her foolishness. Come on down cool temps! Yes, yes, yes. Go back through for those dates if you need to, they’re coming soon!

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