Style Serve: Gone With The Wind Fabulous

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You know I couldn’t resist with the title. Yeeees honey, I’m gone with the wind fabulous in this neon duster. Giggles.

*swirls repetitively*


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Photo Credit: Corrina Chiccoli

Outfit Credit: H&M everything minus the Zara  necklace and footWerk. Arm Candy provided by F21 and varied boutiques.

When I saw her (how I refer to my clothing), I saw a lifetime. I knew she’d hold great room in my heart, and I knew I couldn’t deny how fly she was, effortlessly. At first glance I envisioned a super cute monokini up under with a fly pair of flat sandals. Intrigued no doubt, I began to approach her hard to miss neon skin. It was like I was the only one in the room that saw all it’s glory.

I grabbed her by the the hand (sleeve) and held her up in the air (like we do ladies) turning her from the back, to front, back, to front. On comes a vulturous H&M shopper snubbing me from behind in passing. Knocked out of my style dream, I took her with me and promised her I’d treat her like the rest of my most treasured  clothes   girls.

I remember my very first duster, it was junior year high school. Black, long sleeved, and past the ankles. Who wears dusters to class in high school?? I laugh thinking back at the nerve I would have in those hallways. Lol.  Ewww, they couldn’t stand me chile. Shout out to my aztec-ish printed skinny leg pants. I’d take more of this style in a few different color palettes by the way.

You just got SERVED.

**Much love to the Flower Shop in Westside White Provisions here in Atlanta. They were so open to allowing me and Coco’rina to come and play with their great space for the shots! The owner’s dogs made a sweet stand in!

What are you serving them today? Keep it hot and tasteful now! 😉



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  1. Nikki says:

    Loving this fresh & colorful look….. And I’m actually obsessed with the scene your photo was taken in !

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